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  treyzania c436597b83 Added support for overriding the simple-rename action via envvar. 6 years ago
  treyzania 70afa48581 Updated README. 6 years ago
  treyzania 59cd63c1a6 Made Filebot action for simple renames configuration. 6 years ago
  treyzania db98eed935 Fix typos. 6 years ago
  treyzania 7e7ba12494 Added support for regex-based TV show name overrides. 6 years ago
  treyzania 00db467c6a Change Filebot wrapper to allow for multiple copies of a title. 6 years ago
  treyzania c2c15aece7 Made extraction directory configurable and more robust. 6 years ago
  treyzania d217e7496b Made output configurable and fixed renaming of extracted files. 6 years ago
  treyzania 7f37c26ed9 Added core renaming and extracting functionality. 6 years ago
  treyzania 1ae9588d32 Restarted writing booty script, but in Python this time. 6 years ago
  treyzania 653e99f202 Started the "plunder" script. 7 years ago
  treyzania def0a6bb8f Added readme. 7 years ago
  treyzania 1b4190b1e7 Set up main script and dev config files. 7 years ago
  treyzania 8eb2c3e8e6 Initial commit. 7 years ago