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  1. # Bootybot
  2. This is a script for doing things with Plex that make it easier to do other
  3. things. I'm not going to say what things those are, but we all know.
  4. ## Dependencies
  5. * Filebot
  6. * `unrar`
  7. * Python 3
  8. ## Configuration
  9. The default config location is `~/.config/bootybot.conf`. Below is an example.
  10. ```json
  11. {
  12. "outdir": "/mnt/xvol1/plexdata",
  13. "extractdir": "/tmp/bootybot_extract",
  14. "simpleaction": "copy",
  15. "overrides": [
  16. {
  17. "name": "The Simpsons",
  18. "pattern": "The\\.Simpsons\\..*"
  19. }
  20. ]
  21. }
  22. ```
  23. The `outdir` property has the `{plex}` formatter from Filebot appended to it,
  24. so you should not have to worry about handling different media classes (TV,
  25. Movies, etc.).
  26. The `extractdir` is where we extract data from RAR archives into. It usually
  27. ends up being emptied after we finish processing, as we move data out of here
  28. after extraction.
  29. The `simpleaction` property is passed to Filebot when processing simple,
  30. non-archived media files. I use `copy` because of how I want to handle dealing
  31. with data *after* it's been loaded into Plex, but you might want to use `move`,
  32. `hardlink`, or `keeplink` depending on what you're situation is like.
  33. The `overrides` section is used to enforce that TV shows have their names
  34. properly auto-detected, as occasionally Filebot trips up and misses it. If none
  35. of the entries match the file then we just hope that Filebot figures it out on
  36. its own. Note that the regexes must match the *entire* filename. So it's a
  37. good idea to put a `.*` at the end to make sure it matches every file format
  38. and from any "distributor".
  39. ## Usage
  40. Once you've configured it, you can just run `` in the directory of the
  41. "media" you're trying to prepare.
  42. You can set the `BOOTYCFG` envvar to override the config location.